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If you want your demo to be shown in full size you have to make sure it runs in 1920x1080 resolution. Best way to achieve this is to include a resolution and aspect selector in your demo/intro. You can also deliver different executables of your 4k/64k intro if you have filesize troubles.

Windows is the only PC platform “supported” by us.

PC Demo

  • Filesize limit: 256MB after unzipping.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

PC 64k

  • Filesize limit: 64k (65536 bytes)
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

PC 4k

  • Filesize limit: 4096 bytes.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

Alternative Platforms

  • Every platform is allowed (e.g. game consoles, mobile devices, oldschool homecomputers etc.)
  • Exotic hardware? Contact us as soon as possible!
  • Pure animations are not allowed.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.
  • Please try to deliver a video of your demonstration.
  • Please get in touch if you provide a video signal other than DVI or composite.
  • We prefer showing entries from the real (your) hardware, but this is not always possible. Please submit early to make sure we can play this.


In this competition we want you to explore new types of artforms. Any application that involves human interaction to generate visual and/or audio feedback to the audience is allowed. We try to engage new platforms and we are open to any kind of submissions.

Get creative and experimental! We embrace any kind of input, for example: Keyboard, mouse, gamepad, Wii controller, Kinect, PlayStation Eye, Trackpad Examples of interactive applications would be Games, Interactive demos, Responsive/Narrating story-telling, Music disks, Experimental visualization of user input


  • Provide a video and a binary executable
  • Every platform is allowed.
  • Must not have been released before.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.